Mama’s Monterey Shopping List 2018

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August is my favorite month to abandon my children. Sorry, but it’s true. I do a lot around here, so I think it’s perfectly cool if my husband is in charge while I head to the Bay Area to sip champagne on a seaside golf course to look at priceless cars. Good luck with that back-to-school stuff, honey. Mama’s got a date in Monterey!

But in case I get paralyzed with guilt and can’t make it to Pebble Beach, I thought I’d just publish my wish list for my loyal, generous audience to read. Oh and I guess you can use it too, if you want to buy something that is super cool… here goes nothing:

pebble beach

Photo: Mecum Auctions 1981 Toyota FJ40

Let’s start with the low hanging fruit. Of course you should buy this FJ40. I know that every bearded, dot-com, d-bag in Venice is driving one right now, but that doesn’t make it wrong. Plus, unlike the Ferrari you were eyeing, this thing will go forever and never ask you for anything.

Then you can go a little higher up the food chain with the Pantera:

Photo: Mecum Auctions 1974 DeTomaso Pantera

If you’ve never listened to the exhaust sound of a Pantera, you simply haven’t lived.

Now if that isn’t a reason to buy a car, I dunno what is.  More info on this badass ride can be found here.

Pebble Beach

Photo: Mecum Auctions
1964 Chevrolet Chevelle 300 Wagon

Now, for the sleeper. This 1962 Chevelle Wagon not only has the factory 283/220 HP V-8 and air conditioning. But it’s got TWO DOORS. This is the ultimate trick-your-kids vehicle. As they’re running out of the house yelling “I get the window”, “I want the way back” and “I call the front” you get the pleasure of announcing “Sorry kids, no room!” as you drive off into the sunset with your significant other…in a station wagon. It’s fantastic. Sorry kids, life is cruel.

Now you could also consider this Prowler:

pebble beach

Photo: Mecum Auctions
1999 Plymouth Prowler Convertible

But then I’d HAVE TO KILL YOU. Sorry guys, that thing makes my eyes bleed. I just put it there like a sorbet, to clear the palate, before we get back to the good stuff. Alrighty then..

pebble beach

Photo: Mecum Auctions
1991 Acura NSX

The glorious Acura NSX. You’ve seen me write about my adventures in the new one. But this is its grandpa, and it’s cool as hell. Why? Well, first of all it’s the first mass produced aluminum sports car.  Second, it was born out an idea from the good folks at Acura to create a New Sportscar that was eXperimental.. get it? And lastly, they wanted to make it affordable and able to smoke the Ferraris of its day. Which is pretty rad. Why buy an NSX now? Because Americans are just about to get hip to Japanese classics and if you don’t buy one now, you’re gonna be pissed when you see it in my driveway.

pebble beach

Photo: Mecum Auctions
1990 Mercedes 560 SEC AMG

What about this Merc? Too new? Not classic enough for you? Oh calm down. Let us not forget that it’s the same car that your drug dealer drove in college. So, in a sense, you’ve already paid for it! And look at that thing. You want it. It wants you. It’s mean as hell & is just gonna get better with age. You’re welcome.



Photo: Mecum Auctions
2005 Ford GT

Do you need a minute? I know I did. That GT gets me every time. But before you go whining– I want the blue one! They’re so expensive! I’d rather have a Ferrari! — I ask you.. how does that photo make you feel? I know. Me too. Then consider this– this thing has less than 2,000 miles on the odometer and this Quicksilver grey (which is sexy af) is 1 of only 26.  My goodness…

But seriously, if you do go to Monterey and buy something let me know. And if you don’t go and want to babysit two adorable, low maintenance children that eat very little yet have infinite opinions about cars, gimme the heads up on that also 🙂

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