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Test Drive: Aston Martin DB11, I Could’ve Had A V8!

If you saw my review of the V12 DB11, you know that I’m more than mildly obsessed with this car. It is simply one of the most extraordinary vehicles on the road today.  Aware that they’ve got a winner on their hands, Aston Martin has announced two new variants– the DB11 V8 Valante Convertible & the V8 Coupe.  Thanks to my ridiculous good fortune, I...

Test Drive: East Coast Defender (video)

Or How To Love A Land Rover: Part Two, Defender. East Coast Defender is known to be the best Land Rover Defender builder in this country. But what does that mean anyway? They wrap it in fancy leather, slap their own badge on and mark the price up by 200%? Many would like to think that, but they’re not even close. As a former Defender...

Mercedes Benz Pick Up? 5 Hell Yeah Reasons!

Automakers have to do a lot of crazy stuff to create buzz in between new car debuts.  One of these “stunts” a few years ago included Mercedes Benz teasing a pick up truck concept. The reaction in many cases, was full on eye roll status.  Now, MB has both confirmed the truck’s development and recently showed the production version in the flesh: So this is happening...

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