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5 Cars Freya Is Into & Why You Should Care

This is Freya, my 10 year old daughter: I know what you’re thinking 1) OMG, she’s adorable. Thanks, I know.. 2) This seems like nepotism. You betcha! It’s a great American past time;  I’m just being patriotic. & 3) This doesn’t seem relevant. Not what you expect from a first class automotive journalist like myself.  (insert laugh track)  But listen people, this young lady is our future....

Dude, Or Douchebag: Vanity Plates (More Or Less)

Vanity plates in Los Angeles are kind of like tattoos–not having one is a statement of true rebellion.  And while most people think that having a vanity plate is inherently a douchey thing, these days, I’ve noticed a new kind of plate that’s making me: Our roads used to be filled stuff like this, the d-bag that wants to remind us how fast, oh excuse me “faaast” his M5...

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