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5 Cars Freya Is Into & Why You Should Care

This is Freya, my 10 year old daughter: I know what you’re thinking 1) OMG, she’s adorable. Thanks, I know.. 2) This seems like nepotism. You betcha! It’s a great American past time;  I’m just being patriotic. & 3) This doesn’t seem relevant. Not what you expect from a first class automotive journalist like myself.  (insert laugh track)  But listen people, this young lady is our future....

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LA Auto Show 2016: 6 Blister Worthy Reasons To Go

The LA Auto Show 2016 Is Here. “But it’s DOWNTOWN,” you cry. “Where will I park?” you wonder. “It’s so big,” you whine..like a baby. Oh come on, people! The LA Auto Show is fantastic and plus, it’s one of the rare opportunities to walk for hours in our fair city without the threat of being flattened by a Prius. So slap on a few...

Car Slut Confessions: Mini Me

About 11 years ago, right after I heard BMW was going to bring the British classic back to life, I bought myself a Mini Cooper S.  And right away, we were inseparable.  The gas mileage was insane, the handling was super tight and the stick shift incredibly responsive.  I even upgraded & got myself the convertible shortly afterwards– the roof retracted 1/2 way for a sun roof,...

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