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Jeep Girls: Jordyn, The T-Hunter

This is Jordyn. Isn’t she gorgeous? She gets even more beautiful when she does this: I met Jordyn two years ago when I spotted her Jeep in a Calabasas parking lot. Despite the “Mom, please let her alone” pleas from my girls, we got to talking. I’m so glad we did. Jordyn is one of many female Jeep drivers (aka Jeep girls) that have inspired...

I Drove The New Jeep & Decided You’ll Buy It (video)

Very rarely are does a job exist that is both incredibly awesome and incredibly terrifying at the same time. One such position is that of this guy, Mark T. Allen, Head of Jeep Design. Check out his dorky photo…yet he’s.. This is the dude that was tasked with the impossible job of remaking an icon.. the Jeep Wrangler. Oh snap.  But when the job was...

Dude, Or Douchebag: Offroad Edition

Before I get too judgmental, let’s admit it, most of us have that SUVs just so we can see over the other SUVs. Not because we’re going rock hopping any day soon.  And lots of women wear padded bras, so I’m not going to come down TOO hard on you dudes that add lifts, lights, tents and other useless accessories for the city dweller. Sometimes...

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