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Test Drive Tuesday: 2017 Chrysler Pacifica by A Real Kid

I recently spent a week driving the embarrassingly enjoyable Chrysler Pacifica mini van with my family.  As much as I really liked it, no one had a better time with this vehicle than my 9 year old daughter, Freya, who was furious when we had to give it back. Here she is telling you all about it in her own words:


But the Chrysler Pacifica isn’t just a family van. It can also be the perfect surf van, assuming you can find a hot blonde to take along for the ride:

Chrysler Pacifica surf dog

As you can imagine, Freya wasn’t the only one sad when the Chrysler Pacifica left:

Chrysler Pacifica dog

For more information on this fun van, please also check out my Pacifica HYBRID review here!


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