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A Few Revolting Reasons Why Rear Seat Reminder Rocks

I recently drove the 2017 GMC Acadia Denali during my trip to Heels and Wheels in Portland. For me, one of its most outstanding features was the industry first Rear Seat Reminder.  This technology helps remind the driver to look in the rear seat before exiting the vehicle. If that sounds silly to you, consider the following:

If not already abundantly clear, I am not a perfect person.  I swear, I speed and I forget things.  And since the back seat is out of my line of vision, it is the place where I am most likely to forget stuff.  Sadly most of these items were not designed to stay in a non-refrigerated, enclosed area for extended periods of time and therefore, they marked their stay in the back seat of my car with very disturbing consequences. Let’s just take a short look back:

rear seat reminder


Kombucha is an equally disgusting and trendy fermented tea drink that has a handful of medicinal properties. More importantly, this low alcohol/mild caffeine brew can hook a fool in so deep that I’ve been known to regularly consume several $4/bottles daily. If you think that’s disturbing, you should smell what happens when you leave one in the back of your BMW for 12 hours in August. Yeah, like that…

rear seat reminder

Babies Sleep In Cars

Only a strung out, highly irresponsible mother would leave her sleeping baby in the back seat of her car.  Or one that was stressed, sleep-deprived and overworked.  Thus it should surprise no one that I accidentally left this beautiful creature in the back of my Mercedes wagon when she was an infant.  It worked out in the end, obviously, but it was awful.

Got Milk?

Rolling around in the backseat of your 911? No? Aww..that’s too bad. If you did, we could start a support group together because my Porsche dairy fest was as disturbing as they come. But with GM’s Rear Seat Reminder, I could’ve saved myself from this traumatic experience and thousands of dollars in therapy. Well, actually, not really– I’ve got plenty to work through without it.

Of course, there are the more obvious examples of things that shouldn’t be left in backseats– a laptop, a camera, a bag of groceries or a sack of sex toys.  Those would be bad too. However, items like that are for amateurs, it takes a REAL moron to forget Kombucha.

rear seat r


So if you need another reason to try the 2017 GMC Acadia Denali, think about me, my stinky back seat and that time that my Porsche unintentionally became an yogurt factory.  Thanks.


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