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Aston SUV, New Defender, Droptop LC..OH MY!


This year, automakers decided to get ahead of the action at the LA Auto Show. So the night before the press preview, we were blessed with significant reveals from the likes of Land Rover, Aston Martin and Lexus. My video recap is here:

Watch the video. Press that SUBSCRIBE button…

Now it’s easy for one to say that the Defender is the biggest deal here. It has been 22 years in the making.

They say it’ll even be comfortable to drive! We’ll see about that…

If you watched that video, you’ll know that it is a very exciting vehicle. Land Rover claims it is their most capable vehicle ever. Honestly, I seriously could’ve driven that thing home..sigh..

This is the actual vehicle from the upcoming Bond movie! (Daniel Craig not included.)

Then there’s the oh so sexy Lexus LC500, now with an optional roof. I haven’t driven this car in a while (note to self: book LC convertible press drive), but damn it looks good! Lexus doesn’t always nail it on the design but in this case, well done!

This ain’t your bitchy next-door neighbor’s Lexus! (And if it is, I say you play nicely.)

Last, and hardly least, is the Aston Martin DBX. That’s right, bitches, it’s an Aston SUV. It had to happen! Luckily, it happened with the style and grace that we’ve learned to love from Aston. How many of these $200k grocery getters will fly off the shelves? Well, remember how nobody thought a $5 coffee? Like that..

DBX is an acronym for Da Best eXcuse to sell some eggs.

All of these reveals happened before we even got to the show! And before we even saw Musk’s crazy pickup. Don’t guys, we’ll get to that later– or feel free to weigh in on my FB page here. In the meantime, watch them videos, load up the like and comments and tell me what else you want to see from Mama!

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