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Bitch On Wheels: Fern & Her Convertible

Fern Bitch On Wheels
The other day, while driving through Topanga Canyon, I saw a red Karmann Ghia for sale and it made me think of a dog in Connecticut.  Sound random? Of course. Well, read on and I’m pretty sure you’ll never look at a red Ghia without thinking of her either. Meet Fern Willow Gerlin:
You see, Fern loves riding in her mom’s 1973 VW Karmann Ghia convertible:
Who can blame her? Blondes look great in convertibles. Everybody knows that. But Fern is not just a pretty face.
This lovely bitch belongs to a reader on the East Coast that also happens to be a landscape designer.  Thus, the botanical name.  Fern also earned her name by showing an interest in horticulture from an early age:
Like any good lab, Fern also loves road trips. Her ’07 Honda Pilot provides the perfect setting for deep contemplation:
But she really likes it better when she gets to ride with the kids.
Her favorite place to cruise is the beach, but sadly, Connecticut’s weather doesn’t always cooperate:
Fern’s real passion is being by her mom’s side at “the office” and protecting her from any danger lurking on a job site:
In her 11 years, Fern has seen a lot of growth and change in her life. She’s helped raise 3 kids, moved houses and, like her mom, learned to kick ass through middle age.  Hooray to for the amazing animals like Fern, who through it all are our loyal, life-affirming co-pilots!

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