Dear Cadillac, Welcome Back! Mama’s Been Waiting…

You know that guy you had a crush on in high school?


And then you see him 10 years later at reunion and he’s fat, bald & tragic?


Then, a few years later, you hear he’s made it big with a dot com and is super hot?

Cadillac EV

Yeah, well, that’s pretty much Cadillac’s story. Although scoring with a start up is incredibly different than a government bail out, but whatever.

Fact is, we all have a crush on a Cadi sooner or later.  And, as Americans, we all secretly root for this homegrown brand that was once the true definition of luxury. And then there are the tail fins:


They’re kind of like Pamela Anderson’s breasts– severely gaudy, incredibly impractical, appreciated by many & impossible to ignore.

So as I watch the new Caddies being previewed this year– the ELR & the Elmiraj in particular, I’m so excited to see this car company bring it — for real.  When I sat in the ELR, it made my European luxury car feel vaguely lame:


Did I mention it’s electric?  Yup.  Take that, Tesla.

Cadillac hasn’t called me yet to actually DRIVE any of these beauties.  But I’m optimistic. Because I’m feeling like any day now, I may just become like this guy:

CadillacHopelessly devoted.


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