Dude or Dbag: Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck

Last week, I headed to the Petersen Automotive Museum for a very special sneak preview of the Tesla Cybertruck. Thanks to the good people at the Pete, I got up close and personal with this wild machine before the public (and germs!) arrived for a viewing. Seeing the Cybertruck in person not only changed my mind about this truck but also set off a firestorm of debate in my household about whether or not the Cybertruck belongs in the Dude or Dbag category.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid
Freya (and the boys)

Freya says: Dude!

According to Freya, it is almost as cool as her current dream ride, the Lamborghini Urus. When we explained to her that she could buy 5 Cybertrucks for the price of one Urus, she replied, “I’d rather have a helicopter.” What can I say, the kid hasn’t been in school for 4 months now. Her brain is clearly mush.

But to her point, I did see a Lamborghini Urus in Beverly Hills about 10 minutes after leaving the Cybertruck. Usually, that vehicle leaves me with wild, uncontrollable kidney-selling feelings. But my reaction that day was a distinct ‘meh’.

Ava says: Dbag!

Nissan comparison

According to my older daughter, you’d ‘have to be crazy’ to want to drive that ‘ugly thing.’ She went off about how awful it is, how stupid it is, and how she wouldn’t be caught dead in one. Guess what Ava drives?

Yup, the kid that drives the H3T Alpha with a slant back thinks the Cybertruck is ugly. Fascinating. When I reminded Ava that the Cybertruck is 100% electric and her truck gets 16 mpg, she shut right up.

Husband says: Dbag!

My husband is predictably right in line with Ava. He thinks the Cybertruck is ‘hideous’ and ‘dumb” and ‘will never drive one.’ Mark my words, dear reader, when this thing hits the streets and he hears of guys driving to the motocross track and back using $0 in gas, he’ll jump on board. The worst part, he’ll claim ‘I’ve always thought this was cool’ and I’ll just smile. Because marriage is more important than being right about the Cybertruck.

Me: Dude!

Listen, I’m not Tesla fan girl. I think the Model S is a spectacular work of art. I think the Model X is a disappointment and the Model 3 is a big yawn. But what Elon and his posse has done with the Cybertruck is nothing short of spectacular.

Consider this: The only thing Americans love more than trucks is pop culture. What’s the most popular car in pop culture (ok, in the Top 10 most popular)? The DeLorean time machine from Back To The Future! So Tesla takes both of these beloved ingredients and a big of fantasy and ..SHAZAM! An EV complete with amazing features like armored glass, six seats, amazing acceleration, and true functionality. The Cybertruck is the type of genius that may just save us from ourselves.

But the million-dollar question is, will they be able to make them? According to this Statista chart, manufacturing the Cybertruck pre-orders may just be Tesla’s big challenge yet:

Infographic: Cybertruck Reservations a Tall Order for Tesla | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

No, a $100 deposit isn’t a big deal. But I wouldn’t hold my breath for a 2021 delivery, folks. I’m still very interested in what the electric F-150 looks like or even better, the Rivian!

Now tell me what YOU think. Does your family agree? Your dog? Your partner? Who are they and why do they think this way…

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