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Freak Of The Week: A Truck Called Wanda

International Pickup Wanda

I first saw her at my daughter’s barn. She was parked between the horse stables, with a bed full of hay and a pair of Golden Retrievers. On that terrible, horrible, fateful day, I had no phone. I had no way of capturing her stunning beauty. But as fate would have it, I was lucky enough to spot her again the other day.

International Pickup Wanda
Meet Wanda.

This, my excellent friends, is Wanda. She’s an International Harvester pickup from the 1950s. Isn’t she gorgeous?

International Pickup


Given to her owner, Suzie, when she was just 18 years old, Wanda was a Valentine’s Day present. What kind of girl gets a truck as a gift? Trust me, she may not be 18 anymore (or into getting her picture taken) but Suzie is also gorgeous.  But the best part of this story is that not only did she keep Wanda all of this time, Suzie married that Valentine and was happily wedded for over 30 years, until he recently passed away.

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If you’re thinking that the white and pink body color was painted for the Valentine gift, think again. That’s the original paint color, baby. Wanda’s been pink and proud for over 60 years.

International Harvester Pickup

her Leopard seats

Suzie did make Wanda her own by adding this fantastic leopard print interior. Not only does it suit Wanda really well, it hides dog hair like a dream.

Her babies

Speaking of dogs, Wanda is rarely seen without them.

International Harvester pickup

If you come into town and are looking for a Wanda spotting, head to Malibu kitchen. Not only does it have one of LA’s best parking lots for awesome car spotting, but their pulled pork sandwich is one of my faves.

Tell Suzie that Mama says hi!

International Pickup Wanda

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    1. motorheadmama

      Is it really the world’s only production pink pickup? Oh, I hope that’s true. Yay. I love those 70s Scouts and Travels too– I’ve got a cool post coming about Overland Expo with one of each!

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