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Freak Of The Week: Pikachu Car (Driven by Fully Grown Man)

Pikachu Car

I’m not anti-animation. I’m no video game hater. I’ve been known to partake in some anime. However, there are just some things that I think are ridiculous. One of these things is when fully grown adults get obsessed with things like cartoon characters.

Pikachu Car Man Needs To Grow Up

Yeah, I think your Winnie the Pooh tattoo is lame. I think you look like a fool in those mouse ears. And I’m sure as hell not buying that your Disney Cruise is “for the kids.” Sorry, I think you should grow your ass up and start worshiping more age-appropriate things, like vodka and porn.

So when I saw this dude drop his significant other at LAX and then jump back into his bright yellow Honda Fit, it was hard for me to contain my shock and awe at his unabashed Pikachu adoration and his desire to drive it daily.

It’s Not Just Mr. Pikachu Car

It’s not like Pikachu cars are anything new.

There’s the Pikabug:

The Mini x Pokemon collaboration also featured the Pikachu version of an electric Mini. That’s fantastic:

But those are marketing collaborations. Not fully grown adults spending their cash on putting (what I assume to be) their favorite character on the side of their car. What a hot mess.

On The Other Hand…

Then again, I changed my mind when I got a better look at this guy he felt behind the wheel. Maybe Pikachu is a good choice for him.

Pikachu car Honda Fit

He looks so angry. So pissed off! Dude, you’re dropping someone off at LAX. What did you expect? We’re all irritated. Not to mention that my eyes can’t handle your Pikachu car’s reflection at 7 am I’m not caffeinated enough for this nonsense.

But considering the other options for a guy like you – angry bumper stickers, a car with too much horsepower and not enough sense, I’m starting to feel much better about your Pikachu car. It’s cute. It’s bright. It’s shiny. It may make someone smile (obviously not me, but someone is out there).

Stay Freaky, Mr. Pikachu Car!

So rock on, Mr. Pikachu; I hope your significant other returns soon. But in the meantime, I feel sure you’ve got good company.

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