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Garth Stein: On Cars, Dogs, and The movie.

garth stein

This weekend, The Art Of Racing In The Rain opened in theaters across the country. Ahead of its release, I sat down with the book’s author, Garth Stein, to get his thoughts on the adaptation. See the video here:

I expected an enjoyable interview, particularly because anyone that writes about cars about in a dog’s voice is a friend of mine! But what I didn’t expect was to talk to Garth about the craft of writing, about parenting, and about people who don’t consider themselves car people. Honestly, I feel really fortunate to have met this guy, 100% dude.

Check out the full interview here:

There may have been some laughing.

And, about that movie.. see it. Bring your family, you’ll need someone to hug. Freya and I balled all over each other, but then both vowed to see it again.

If you watched it, read it or watched the video, please let me know in the comments below!

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