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It’s A Palisade Party! Bring The Kids!

What’s more luxurious than a cushy three row SUV? A sports car with no kids, no juice boxes and Idris Elba as your co-pilot? Yeah, there’s that. But three row SUVs are cool too, especially if you’re on a family road trip, you’re the hockey/soccer/ballet mom, or Idris is busy. Up until recently the three row SUV fell into two categories– true luxury (read $$$$) and trucks masquerading as SUVs (read enormous boats). But now, thanks to Hyundai Motors– we have not only the Kia Telluride but its first cousin once removed, the Hyundai Palisade.

Hyundai Palisade
(The Palisade In..The Palisades!)

I’ve driven both of these vehicles and although they are built on the same platform and are from the same parent company, they do feel different even if they don’t drive that differently. But, for my money, it’s the Palisade that’s the clear winner.

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