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Mama’s Chicago Auto Show Deep Dish

Chicago Auto Show

Oh Chicago, we had fun didn’t we? It may have been snowy and cold outside, but inside your convention center, it was really rockin. Let’s take a look at what I did at the Chicago Auto Show and why I’m damn sure to return. First of all, there were puppies:

chicago auto show puppies

Subaru filled their booth with adoptable little mutts so cute you that I was half-tempted to cut air holes into my carry on. Then there was a new, factory direct Mercedes camper van. You bet your sweet pop up I got inside and grilled the dudes in charge (video evidence below):

Next up, a black tie fundraiser with all kinds of beautiful sparkly business:

Of course there were dudes.. and dbags.

dude or dbag

And in terms of cars, there was the new 2021 Chrysler Pacifica: (click to watch video)

The new Honda Civic Type R:

And, according to my latest video, lots of cool things to do:

So the next time you’re wondering if the Chicago Auto Show is worth a visit, think puppies, hairy chests and mini vans. How in the world is that a no?

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