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Mama’s Summer Jobs Are Fun Playlist

Do you guys remember summer jobs? I do. Whether it was babysitting, dogsitting, or scooping ice cream, I couldn’t wait to fill my pockets with my hard-earned cash. Yet my kids have never been so inclined. Is it because they’re spoiled Angelinos? Is it my failing as a parent? Or were the stupid “child labor laws” keeping all kids from the workplace entirely? I don’t know, but it simply didn’t work for me. So I cut off their allowances and used my favorite technique to get them to do what I wanted– stuck them in the car, put on a playlist, and went for a drive. If your family is suffering from summer job-less kid syndrome, I hope this music helps you and your family too. (PS–some of these lyrics have curse words. PSS– I’d bet real money that your kids have heard these words before.)

Casa De Mel by Brad Goodall

The song and video are nothing short of hilarious.

One of my favorite summer jobs was always housesitting. Getting an entire house to myself and getting paid for it felt like an honor that was too good to be true. My favorite gig was across the street. This childless couple owned an ice cream company and had four Dalmatians. While they traveled, I’d enjoy a frozen confection-only diet on the sofa with four hilarious dogs..they called it ‘work.’ I called it heaven.

Brad Goodall captures the magic of housesitting perfectly in this song. Between standing in the homeowner’s slippers, admiring their artwork, and ultimately contemplating his own life choices as he sits in a wealthy man’s home, it’s all awesome. Listen to this with your teens. The next thing you’ll know, they’ll be posting their services on Nextdoor in no time.

I’m Broke by Black Joe Lewis

If you’ve never listened to Black Joe’re welcome!

The other reality for our kids, particularly the teens, is that no matter how much money your parents may have or not have, they’re broke. Yup, sorry. That’s how our system is designed. Maybe your kids are entrepreneurial, or maybe your kids are the exception to the rule, but most rely on us for money, yet they think that their economic status= ours. Very funny, young one.

Well, if you want them to get summer jobs, you’ve got to take the gloves off. Period. Trust me; I learned the hard way.

Pay Me by The Philharmonik

After they get said summer job, they’ll learn quickly about how far a dollar goes. Then, the next thing you know, they will reassess their value. Never has a song captured the anger and resentment of the working man as accurately as The Philharmonik’s “Pay Me.” Sure, it’s got plenty of swear words, but if “F*ck You, Pay Me!” doesn’t capture the sentiment of the underpaid worker, I don’t know what does. After a few days of scooping ice cream, folding clothes, or flipping burgers, your kids will be singing along with gusto. That’s when you want to talk to them about their education..just sayin’.

Still hesitant? Still feeling like it’s best to throw your kids an allowance and watch their doughy asses play video games all summer? Well then, I give you another dose of brilliance by The Philharmonik.

Drugs by The Philharmonik

The lyrics are everything.

This song isn’t just a cautionary tale about not getting your act together. But it’s also a sympathetic viewpoint of someone “committing non-violent crimes.” Plus, it’s got a funky beat, and you can dance to it.

Back To The Money by Mumu Fresh

The song starts at 2:53 — this video is a larger concept.

This song is about pay equity, which is fanfreaking-tastic. But it also feels like a celebration of how great it feels to be paid what you’re worth and have the money you need to live well.

“I didn’t come to play with ‘chyall, I came to take it all.”

Hell yes!

I hope your kids get back to the money.

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