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Mama’s Tips For Road Tripping With Teens

Bored Teenager Road Trip

If you’ve seen my social channels, you know that I recently went on the Ultimate Family Road Trip from Jackson, WY back to LA. It was, to say the least..amazing. Especially because we spent a week with two teenagers girls and had a ball. Miracles never cease.

Look! We almost like each other..OMG!

It helped that we had the Chrysler Pacifica Plug-In Hybrid. You guys have heard my stories about this thing. Yes, it’s a minivan and yes it’s a hybrid (which, under normal circumstances is a recipe for my worst nightmare). However, this thing is simply fantastic.

Turns out, kids ❤️ fire.

It’s easy to drive. It drives well ( seriously). The amenities are sick and if you had handed me the keys to any other vehicle and asked me to road trip with my family, I would’ve turned them down in favor of the Pacifica. I kid you not.

Even the husband liked it.

I’m creating a series of videos to recap our adventures, but given that it’s July and many of you may be crazy enough to want travel with your own offspring, I figured it would be smart to share this one first.


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