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Motorhead Mama’s Holiday Gift Guide ($100 and under)

gifts for car loving women

I know that some of you are into cars. Some of you aren’t. And that’s why I love you all. So, for this gift guide, I’m going to show you not just car stuff, but stuff for the other people– you know, the weird ones. Let’s do this:


You love them. You hate them. As annoying as road bikes can be when you’re behind the wheel (I know, I know, share my lane..eye roll), we all have at least one in our lives. And giving them gifts can be virtually impossible and pricey! At the top of my husband’s wish list is a carbon fiber bike frame that clocks in just under eight grand! But help is here in the form of Fierce Hazel. (Use the handy coupon code MAMA15 to get 15% off!)

This LA-based company fashions functional, fabulous, eco-friendly products out of “dead stock”– meaning the stuff that factories would normally throw away. Hazel also works with responsible, ethical factories so unlike everything else under the tree– this gift is won’t meet you at the gates of hell in the afterlife.


I know that many of you are married to, in love with or otherwise associated with a female who rocks the Birkenstocks. Buying stuff for this type of woman can be rough. She usually is anti-plastic, anti-chain store and anti-consumerism. Ummmm… Well, what about something that’s hand-crafted, made in the USA and female-owned?

Melissa Flynn is a Topanga-based artist who makes beautiful wall hangings, art and accessories. If you think any Kombucha-lovin’ crunchy gal doesn’t want stuff like this, think again. Check out her Etsy store here.


A kid that loves cars and loves to read is a special breed. So please, for sake of all of us and our future, nurture them with the good stuff. Here are a few thoughts:

My friend Annie swears by this one. I may have been caught once or twice reading it myself. And if you loved The Art Of Racing In The Rain as much as I did (see my interview with Garth Stein here), how about something equally awesome:


Maybe you’re in a school. Maybe you’re a stay at home mom. Or maybe you’re a writer. But giving gifts without the means to do so can be really hard. And we all know that old adage “it’s the thought that counts” is 1000% crap. But that that doesn’t mean that you can’t make something badass happen without breaking the bank. Here are some inspired ideas:

*take someone you love to see Ford vs Ferrari (see my review here). Just make sure you bring a backpack filled with your pal’s favorite candy, beverage and snacks.

*find out what your loved one’s high school dream car was, then go to your local Cars and Coffee and find someone who owns one. I promise you, they’ll be more than willing to take your friend on a joy ride. Honestly, unless you’re totally weird, most collectors are always happy to share. Just don’t expect them to toss you the keys.

*if you know someone whose car is filthy (usually the mom or dad that does most of the driving), just spend a few hours doing a good, hard, detail job. I’m talking about shampooing the carpets, putting on some plastic gloves and reaching under the seats and taking some Q-Tips to the air vents. Just remember, if you find something incriminating, driving kids is hard. So a few candy/cigarette/parking ticket stashes should be forgiven. Of course, I speak from experience…


Of course I’m going to mention that no one’s life is really complete without MHM merchandise. Check out my store here!

gifts for car loving women

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