autonomous driving

HERE at CES 2019: Mapping Matters

When I arrived in Las Vegas for CES 2019, as guest of HERE Technologies, I was tired, fried and in the mood just one thing—to get to my hotel as soon as possible. But when I summoned Uber at the...

7 Reasons Why 2015 Didn’t Suck

Let’s be real, 2015 had a lot of bad news. Paris, Syrian refugees, Nepalese earthquake and shootings, shootings and more shootings.  So many icons fell from grace: Bill Cosby, VW and dare I say bacon?  My cat ran away and...

5 Unexpected Reasons To Get Excited About Autonomous Cars

One of the great reveals at this year’s LA Auto Show was the autonomous car concept by Volvo.  Like everything else they’re doing these days, it was sophisticated, elegant and really well thought through (words that won’t end up on my...

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