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Mama’s Monterey Shopping List 2018

August is my favorite month to abandon my children. Sorry, but it’s true. I do a lot around here, so I think it’s perfectly cool if my husband is in charge while I head to the Bay Area to sip...

Evaluate Your Date (In The Driveway): 5 Clues

More powerful than shoe size! More accurate than 10 tax returns! This undocumented, entirely unresearched, purely anecdotical guide will help you decipher if your potential partner is a stud or a dud. #1 Vintage: If he shows up in a...

Kickin’ It Ole Skool– LA Stylie

Take 1 part car culture, 2 parts sunshine and 3 parts of 11 out of 12 dry months a year and what do you get?  A car collectors dream world. This, dear reader, is the wonder of LA.  Sure, it’s...

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