Freak Of The Week: The Great Horned Hummer

I don’t live in Texas. And sometimes, honestly, that makes me sad. Because if I lived in Texas, I could witness stuff like The Great Horned Hummer firsthand: But luckily for me, I’ve got friends like Matt in Dallas who...

Freak Of The Week: H2 El Jefe

Jesus loves me, This I know, Because El Jefe tells me so! I’ve been singing that all day, because today is the glorious day that I saw this: The story is so great, I couldn’t even begin to make it...

Dude, Or Douchebag: Offroad Edition

Before I get too judgmental, let’s admit it, most of us have that SUVs just so we can see over the other SUVs. Not because we’re going rock hopping any day soon. ¬†And lots of women wear padded bras, so...

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