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Test Drive: Busy Moms Will ❤️ The Volvo XC60

I’m gonna let you, dear reader, in on a little secret. Despite my breezy demeanor, I work hard. Really hard. And I think I’m like millions of women when I say the only uninterrupted, unfettered, unmolested time I get is when I’m in my car. So when I’m driving, that environment had better be sweet. Like in the Volvo XC60.

The new XC60 has won all kinds of awards (World Car of the Year, Best Crossover To Buy, and the NY Auto Show Best In Show), but as anyone who has ever watched “Shakespeare In Love” will tell you, sometimes awards mean nothing. So I decided to spend some time with the beloved little XC60 and judge for myself.

The XC60 next to its adorable little brother, the XC40.

Dammit! They were right. Here are a few things I just loved:

*The Pilot Assist: Sure self driving is terrifying. This is simple, easy and fabulous (see my video).

*The Adaptive Cruise Control: Easy. Simple. Perfect.

*The Interior: Light, airy and wonderfully Scandinavian.

*The Tech Interfaces: Simple, intuitive and elegant. (with the right amount of buttons as well)

*The Styling: Every time I walked up to this car, I felt great. It is a joy to look at.

The XC60 chillin with his great uncle.

A few things that annoyed me:

*The Sunroof: Is enormous. Which is great, but this has no real shade. Not cool for So Cal. If I had Botox, it would’ve melted by now.

*The Trunk: Is also enormous. Which is great, but I missed some of the organizational pizzaz of the V90 wagon and even XC40.

Other than that, I think this is a great car for the money. No, I didn’t mention the safety. Do I have to? This is the new & improved Volvo, everything revolves around safety. Duh. Now go drive one and tell me what you think. Oh but first, check out my video:


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