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We Need To Talk About Your Face: Driving + Skincare


First of all, this ain’t no sponsored post. No tricky approach to sell you sunblock, window tints or Botox. As a sun-loving, car-loving creature, I’ve got a lot to say about what solar exposure behind the wheel can do to your face. So as we head into our sun-drenched time of year, I have some select skincare words for you and your epidermis, dear reader:

I ❤️ cars. I ❤️ the sun.

A 2018 study in the American Academy of Dermatology revealed that the majority (53% to be exact) of melanomas in the US occur on the left side of the face. Even worse, 74% of the deadliest type of melanomas occur on the left side for people that drive often. So before you lather up on SPF750, let’s talk about some simple and smart skincare steps:

Identify Your Good Side

If you drive in North America, your left side is more vulnerable to sun exposure. If you drive in Europe or Australia, well, you can figure out the rest I’m sure. But if that aforementioned study sticks with you the way it did with me, you’ll want to put a second coat on the driver’s side.

jaguar ipace
Hands on the wheel = Hands in the sun

Don’t Forget Your Paws

Here in LA there’s a stereotype of Asian ladies driving. (#sorrynotsorry) Mainly Korean, these women sport a standard sun-friendly uniform behind the wheel – a wide-brimmed visor, large sunglasses, and white gloves. Of course, I like to burn past their gold Lexus sedans with my sunroof open basking in the stench of my frying forehead. But guess who is still getting ID’d when buying booze at 60? Hint: they don’t have a whole Korean skincare aisle at Sephora for nothin’. So while I hesitate to endorse the peripheral-blocking visors, driving gloves are super smart.  I prefer to slap some juicy SPF on the tops of my hands and forearms YEAR ROUND.  You do what works for you and your vibe, I won’t judge. Well, I might, but I’ll still love you.

My baby before she got blacked out.

Act Like a Drug Dealer

I used to be against it. I was scared, stubborn and clueless. But then I went away on a business trip and my husband did it behind my back and, much to my surprise, I love it. I’m talking about window tinting, people.  You may think it pretentious. You may believe it’s only for drug dealers, celebrities and limos. But I urge you to get on board. Thanks to my deep tints, my black interior stays cooler in high temps, my skin is less exposed and my nose-picking goes undetected at all times. The rewards are endless, bitches, so tint them windows! You can thank me later.

skincare behind the wheel
Grab your sunnies, but watch the gap!

Mind The Gap, Protect Your Balls

Sunglasses are God’s gift to us all.  I frankly don’t want to live in a world without them. But as someone who has sun damage in her eyeballs (no seriously, it’s a thing), I’ve been given some great advice. Apparently, if your sunglasses don’t fit your face properly and there’s a gap between your face and the arm, sunlight can bounce off the inside of the glass, straight into the back of the lens, and fry your eyeball.  I’ve got the red spots to prove it. Don’t make the same mistakes that I have, watch your balls.

Don’t Forget Your Kids

Be THAT Parent

If your kids are older, don’t stop being a nudge about sunblock. You’ll get plenty of “But we’re just driving”s accompanied by emphatic eye rolls, but guess what? It’s our job. Just like making them eat their vegetables, wear a seatbelt and empty the dishwasher.

Be THAT parent

But, most importantly, enjoy it! Don’t let your fear of skin cancer keep you from putting the top down, opening the moon roof or driving to the ocean and jumping in naked. A life lived in fear is no life at all.

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