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Car Slut Confessions: Korean Luxury Is Real

When it comes to car buying advice, I’m certainly no Consumer Reports. Can I tell you if this year’s Honda Accord is superior to the one before? Hell no. Do I know the new Prius inside and out? Yawn. Sorry, no interest. Unless, of course, it’s covered in marshmallows. But what I can tell you is which upscale vehicle will dramatically increase your happiness quotient...

korean luxury

2018 Stinger GT1 Review: Kia’s Ass Kicker

A few weeks ago, walked out of the fancy Mr. C hotel in Beverly Hills. After handing the adorable 20-something valet guy my ticket, he ran and returned with my car, a Stinger GT. As I got in the vehicle, he said, “Hey um..I’m sorry..but WHAT IS THIS CAR? It’s beautiful.” I gave him my signature sh*t-eating grin and replied, “A Kia.” Then I tossed...

Freak Of The Week: Mobile Messaging

I saw it first from afar. I was rolling up to the local library to snatch some offspring, when, from the far corner of this parking lot a glimmer of pastel painted freakiness shone in the distance: An early model Kia, oh this was gonna be good.  Some all seeing eyes? Even better.  What revealed itself was a DIY doozy of rudimentary images and inspirational,...

Kia Niro

First Date Review: Kia Niro Hybrid @ Heels N Wheels

I’d been warned. I’d been tempted. I’d been stubborn. And apparently, I had been wrong. I’ve got a pile of friends/colleagues who are big Kia fans. I was always like yeah, yeah, sure, good for you.  I saw the numbers, I saw the reviews, I saw the Soul drivers multiply like gnats in springtime. But I’m a “performance girl” I told myself, Kia and I...

LA Auto Show: The Good, The Bad, The WTF ’13

One of the best things about the LA Auto Show is that when you get that many people together in this town, things are bound to get freaky.  And that, my friends, is what makes my life worth living. So, from the top.  The Good: The Cadillac Elmiraj..I know. You're thinking, "She said Cadillac?" Hell yes, I did. And if you saw it, you'd be saying...

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