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Mama’s XC60 Bloopers & Outtakes

People always tell me, “It must be so much fun to do what you do!” And they’re right, it is. They also say, “Your kids are so cute.” Sure, I guess that’s true. But it’s when they say “You must have so much fun working with them” that cracks me up.  Imagine what would happen if you tried to put your kid in your office...

Ford Fiesta ST

Motorhead Mystery: Trading an M3 for a Fiesta ST

So my friend Jesse recently traded his BMW M3 for a Ford Fiesta ST.  This upset me, a lot. Sure, the Fiesta is supposed to be a great car..for the money. I wrote an article about it for Driving Line which made me realize what a little rocket ship it really is. And the BMW is expensive to register, insure and repair.  And the M3...

Top 4 Teen Driving Questions: Answered By A Pro (video)

When my older brother was a teen driver, my mother was a nervous wreck. For three years, she answered the phone like this.. “WHATHAPPENED?”  I kid you not. Then when I got my license, I can’t say I really put her at ease either. During my first week behind the wheel, not only did I get a big, fat speeding ticket but I also received an...

Drive Bys: Roadside Rock Star

Despite its sunshine & smiling faces, LA can be a tough place to live. Particularly if, like many of us, you came to the City Of Angels with big dreams because (spoiler alert!) they don’t always come true. What happens to these disheartened dreamers?  Well, most simply move to the 909. Others stay in LA to engage in endless plastic surgery or become relentless stage parents. Sometimes, luckily...

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