Teen Driving

What Would Ava Drive? Or How To Raise A Smartass

My first-born is on the cusp of something terribly exciting. Within 6 months, Ava will be a fully licensed driver. Her enthusiasm for her upcoming freedom is almost matched by her desire to find her dream car. What can I...

distracted driving teen

Teen Driving: Turns Out We Are More Distracted Than Our Kids 🙄

From reading screenplays to giving BJs, from applying mascara to inhaling a Double Double, when it comes to distracted driving, I’ve seen it all. Trust me, people in LA do some disgusting things in their cars. And if I’m honest,...

Chevy Equinox Test Drive: Or How To Melt A Teenager

It started, like any other experience with my teenage daughter, with an epic eye roll. “OMG, that color.” A Chevy Equinox had just been delivered to our house for a test drive and this ungrateful little brat has the gall...

Grand Cherokee SRT Jeep

Is My Daughter Really SRT Worthy?

Daughters. (epic eye roll) You want them to have everything so they’re safe, happy and well cared for. Yet, you want them to have nothing so they’re grounded, confident and independent. My older daughter is getting really close to driving...


First Date: Jeep Compass

I recently went to a Jeep event to see the all new 2017 Jeep Compass. A tasty little nugget of compact SUV goodness. Here is my completely biased, ultra-opinionated first impression. These days, it seems like everyone is asking me to...

Top 4 Teen Driving Questions: Answered By A Pro (video)

When my older brother was a teen driver, my mother was a nervous wreck. For three years, she answered the phone like this.. “WHATHAPPENED?”  I kid you not. Then when I got my license, I can’t say I really put...

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