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2022 INFINITI QX80: A Better Armada or Just Better?


With all of the hype of new EVs, sportscars, and crazy trucks, sometimes the headlines forget that many of us are still busy trying to drive a pile of preteens to hockey/soccer/band practice before falling to into an exhausted heap at the end of the day. If this resembles you, consider the INFINITI QX80. It’s got a shocking price tag but plenty of incredible features to back it up.

I recently spent a solid week in the QX80 and did everything from highway driving to Home Depot and Costco runs to airport pickups. No, I’m not an Uber driver. I’m just a mom with too much to do in 24 hours. If reading isn’t your thing, watch my video review here: (or watch/subscribe/like anyway, that helps me)

A bargain you say?

Here are a few reasons why one should consider the INFINITI QX80. I’m also a fan of the QX60. Click here for that review.

It May Be Expensive, But So Is The Competition

The world of seven-seater SUVs is actually a competitive one. Think about the Escalade, the BMW X7, and the Lexus GX. All of those can hit $100k in the blink of an eye, often with little to show in the process. What’s impressive about the QX80 is actually what you get for the $80K you may end up spending.

Big Engine? You Bet

Yes, gas is expensive. Yes, EVs may be cleaner to operate. But some people really love and still need a big engine. For those of you who love a V8, welcome to the QX80. This 5.6L bad boy may not get the best mileage (15 mpg combined), but with a towing capacity of up to 8,500 lbs, you’ll have plenty of fun options.


Body Movin’? Not In The QX80

The thing that really impressed me regarding the QX80’s drive was the lack of body roll. I am a woman who has literally slipped a disc being thrown around in the driver’s seat, so I can respect a car that keeps everything in line. The Hydraulic Body Motion Control System is new for 2022 and made all the difference for me behind the wheel.

INFINITI QX80 Safety Check? Solid

The INFINITI QX80’s safety systems didn’t disappoint either. With fantastic visibility, the vehicle’s size didn’t feel as cumbersome as it could have. In addition, features such as lane departure warning, predictive forward collision warning, and forward emergency braking with blind spot protection rounded the systems out well. I believe the 2023 version will add some additional safety features, but these did not disappoint.


Ya, You Can Fit That In The INFINITI QX80

My favorite part about the QX80 was the sheer volume. Sure, it’s a big car, so it makes sense that it can hold a lot of stuff. But the drive height, the flexibility of the rear seats, and the wide opening of the lift gate made loading in and out a real breeze. I may have bought too much, but that’s for another post.


An Armada With Lipstick? Nah

I’ve spent a lot of time in the Nissan Armada, and while that is a good vehicle, the INFINITI QX80 doesn’t just feel like the fancy version. Sure, some of the interfaces are the same, and the drivetrains are almost identical. But the luxurious features in the QX80 elevate it to an entirely different ride.

For more info, head to my video review.

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