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Charging An EV: Volvo C40 Recharge

EV Charging

Sometimes the simplest thing can keep us from moving forward. Charging an EV (electric vehicle) sounds perfectly simple, but when you actually do it, it isn’t always intuitive. Plug-in hybrid cars can be even more intimidating because, theoretically, the plugging in will happen less often. That’s why I did this video:


If you’re like me, charging an EV (electric vehicle) can be scary. What if you mess it up? What if you ruin the battery? Or even worse, screw up the car?

Hopefully, this video will make it all easier. Let me know in the comments if I nailed it or you hated it (all feedback is good).


A few important takeaways from my experience with Thomas:

  • When inserting the plug, wait for the click. That’s when you know you’re connected.
  • To remove, press button first
  • Plug in hybrid or EV charging is the same
  • Only fully electric can take Level 3/DC fast charging
  • To access DC fast charging, remove bottom plug cover


A few things additional things that no one tells you:

  • Tesla has their own propriety chargers
  • The Nissan Leaf has its own proprietary charging as well
  • Electric Volvos come with free charging from Electrify America, as do many others including Ford Mach-E, IONIQ 5 read more here.
c40 Recharge

We demonstrated the charging on the new Volvo C40 Recharge and in the Garage Living concept garage in Palm Springs

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