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First Date: Jeep Compass


I recently went to a Jeep event to see the all new 2017 Jeep Compass. A tasty little nugget of compact SUV goodness. Here is my completely biased, ultra-opinionated first impression.


Mama Meets The 2017 Compass

These days, it seems like everyone is asking me to help them find the perfect small SUV. I hear you, people. In this world of lifted pick ups and full size SUVs, it seems crazy to have a simple sedan. Even if you don’t need the off-road capabilities, being in a lower vehicle makes you feel like a 4 year old at a cocktail party– you spend your time staring at everyone’s crotch, waiting for them to flick a cigarette on your scalp.  But the perfect crossover SUV would give everything you want: fuel efficiency! maneuverability! safety!   If only you could find the right one.

I may have found a contender in the new Jeep Compass. First of all, it looks good:



I’m not always a fan of Jeep’s styling. But this one is hot!

Second: It’s fuel efficient. Jeep is reporting up to 30mpg, that’s fantastic.

Third: It’s got all the new tech & safety features we all want. Apple Car Play, U Connect, Blind Spot Monitoring, Adaptive Cruise Control & Forward Collision Warning Plus (which means auto-braking).  Because of this, it is a really exciting prospect for the younger driver, even the teen driver. Plus…

2017 Jeep® Compass Limited Interior, photo: FCA North America

Fourth: IT IS AVAILABLE WITH A MANUAL TRANSMISSION. Bwwwwahahahaha! Thank you!

Fifth: It’s incredibly capable off road– featuring an intelligent 4×4 system, 5 different terrain modes and the Compass is also available in a Trail Hawk edition which is badass off road. My Jeep dude told me he took it to Moab and went wild. When I get a video, I’ll post it here because you know that’ll be fun. This Compass also has a tow rating of 2,000 when equipped with the towing package.

This car starts at $20,995 and comes in 3 varieties: Latitiude, Limited & Trail Hawk.

Now this is just a first date, Motorheads.  When I can, I will drive this and give you a proper review. But right now, it all looks good!

Molded Cargo Tray– Photo Courtesy FCA North America

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