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Freak Of The Week: Pukey Cherokee

freak of the week

Do you ever imagine what it would look like if you ingested 300 boxes of Fruity Pebbles and then proceeded to vomit all over a second generation Jeep Cherokee? Well, wonder no longer Motorheads, because thanks to a little roadside delight here in Topanga Canyon, you can now experience the wonder of the Pukey Cherokee:

Freak of the Week

Isn’t she just a vision? While it may be easy to dismiss my beloved Pukey Cherokee as a drug-fueled accident at a pink paint factory, upon closer inspection, I think you’ll find that she is in fact a well-crafted, cheeky little chariot. Let’s start with her hood:

cutie pie

At first, I rolled my eyes thinking this was some dumb sorority stunt– initiation by automotive humiliation perhaps. But then my parochial Latin kicked in. Q–T–Pie. Awww! That’s adorable. Not as adorable as my new puppy:

But I digress.

While the Cherokee may not be in tip top shape, her owner still indulges in the finest repairs.

freak of the week

Duct tape truly is sent from the gods.

Now let’s look at her wheels:

freak of the week

While the design does appear to be pretty haphazard, the resulting splatters create a stunning Rorschach-adjacent experience. I see the Red Bull logo in the bottom right corner, how about you? Her derriere is equally enthralling:

freak of the week cherokee

“In God We Trust In God”..hmmm.. not so sure about the thrust of that argument, but she does get ten points for including the tow hitch in her art project. How about those stars? It’s lovely how she made them religiously diverse. Though it’s clear that this may just be her first Star of David. Did I say something about this thing NOT being drug-fueled? I retract that statement. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t great.

FOW Jeep three quarter

Long live the Pukey Cherokee!

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