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Heaven Is A Target Parking Lot P.2

Target cars

Many of you come to Los Angeles to experience our amazing lifestyle. Sun, surf, celebrities, maybe even a side of epic car spotting. If hot cars are what you’re after, don’t go running to Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Boulevard, or Mulholland Drive. I’m here to clue you in on a much better spot. Some would call it a bullseye. The best place in LA for tremendous car sightings is the Target parking lot.

The Best Target Is In LA’s Asshole

Target stores across Los Angeles are as diverse as the cars that inhabit its parking lots. I’ve written about this before. See my original Target cars post here. But the Mac Daddy of them all, the Grand Pooba of Target parking, is my Woodland Hills location. I know what you’re thinking “Ewww, the valley.” I won’t argue with you there. Between its sweltering temperatures, urban sprawl, and its cultural deficit, the valley is truly The Asshole Of LA.

Target cars

However, the valley is also a magical place if you know where to look. Proof in point, this lovely little Ranchero I saw right there in my local Target parking lot.

Don’t Worry, Target Cars Can Be Fancy Too

If supercars are what you’re after, don’t worry, Target has you covered. During the pandemic, even this Urus owner was forced to stand in line with the rest of us peasants to pick up his Clorox wipes. So sorry sire, I know it was hard.

Target cars

In general, most of the super fancy drivers park way in the back, which is where you’ll find me, trolling for things like this:

Target cars

Come on, kids, jump in the car. Some of you are going to have to pile in and sit in the May-bach:

Target cars

This is LA, guys. Driving a Mercedes SUV isn’t going to impress anyone. So let’s Maybach that bad boy, shall we? Fantastic. Now let’s dig through the Dollar Bin!

Target’s Also Got The Classics

The Woodland Hills Target has more than just the new stuff. Check out this Nissan Figaro sitting casually in the front row, trying hard yet failing to fit in:

Sorry honey, when you’re too fabulous to keep your top on, people are gonna look. Some of us are even gonna take pictures.

But cars don’t have to be rare to be fabulous. Sometimes, they just need to stand out in a crowd. Enter this Bronco custom being relentlessly unique.

Target’s Got Plenty of Bad Wrappers

This parking lot is infallibly filled with wrapped cars. Some are good, some are bad, and some make you think hard about talking strangers out of their bad decisions.

got milk?
Got Milk?

Yeah, I’m not exactly sure what would inspire someone to do something like this. Maybe they’re just really into dairy? Dunno. But it must be stopped. Because guys who spend their cash creating bovine Corvette are probably related to the poor fools who create snow camo Jeeps in Southern California.

Target cars

If All Else Fails

Perhaps none of these vehicles are to your taste. Maybe you’re not into bad wraps or obscure cars. That’s fine. Just take this Porsche and shut up.

If you like random car spotting, please head over to my YouTube channel and check out my series, The Craziest Cars I Saw In LA (this week). There’s something for everyone. Don’t forget to press that subscribe button!

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