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How To Homeschool Your Kids.. About Cars


Sadly, our current public health crisis is causing many schools to close. Thus many of our kids are at home– I know mine are, as of this morning, for at least two weeks! But what does a responsible/sane/working parent do? My girls have visions of themselves going to the mall, ‘chillin’ with their squad’, and making TikToks between meals of Fruit Loops and Ramen Noodles provided by yours truly. So before I break the horrifying news to my offspring that they’re actually going to be STUDYING and working during this state of emergency, I thought I’d share a few ideas about how to get your kids both educated and excited about cars while keeping them virus free.

Tour The Ferrari Factory With National Geographic

Start with the fun stuff! Ferrari factory tour anyone? A great time to talk to them about what’s happening in Italy, teach them about Mussolini or even Michelangelo:

Learn English With Hammond, May and Clarkson!

To us Americans, English language can sometimes seem like a foreign tongue. What better way to immerse oneself than with the original cast Top Gear? The Campervan episode is one of my favorites and is sure to excite any kid who has ever dreamed of running away from home (aka all of them):

Teach them fun European words like “Citroen”, “petrol”, “boot” and of course, “campervan.” Plus, the wonderful cast says fun things like “diarrhea” and drink beer in the episode, so even if they’re not Top Gear fans now, they will be shortly.

Reality Check: Grand Theft Auto Doesn’t Make You A Good Driver

Talking to your teen about the dangers of driving can feel like an overwhelming task. Should we inform them? Scare them? Empower them? It’s a delicate balance. But Doug Herbert is a father who decided (after a horrific loss) to help do all three to kids everywhere. His story is one that I just can’t shake. Plus, it reminds us all that even if you can race a car, that doesn’t necessarily make you a safe driver. I recommend screening this heartbreaking tale with your kids and some Kleenex:

And when the coast is clear, please sign them up for this amazing program. I’ll be there!

Lastly, once this all shakes down and/or you’re feeling up to a museum visit, please don’t forget the Pete. I love this place and my girls dig it too. But if you’re too scared to leave the house, check out their Vault tour here:

What did I miss? Whether you regularly homeschool are in the midst of a temporary situation, share your fun at home car adventures with me in the comments below or hit me up on social. Maybe your homebound kid wants to write a guest post for me? Let’s do it!

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