Dear DMV, Why We Hate Front Plates

The other day I watched a friend of mine park his car. Before he got out, he reached into his glovebox  and grabbed his front plate, which he placed on his dash. ‘You too, huh?’ I said. ‘Yup’ he replied....

Dude, Or Douchebag: Vanity Plates (More Or Less)

Vanity plates in Los Angeles are kind of like tattoos–not having one is a statement of true rebellion.  And while most people think that having a vanity plate is inherently a douchey thing, these days, I’ve noticed a new kind...

Digital License Plates: Mama’s Top 5

California has its flaws, but being progressive is something we do well. Sure, we have no infrastructure, we're crippled by debt and you could rest a small continent in our economic divide, but we do lots of stuff before your state has even thought of it....

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