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Mama’s Plug In Comparo: 4 Motorhead-Worthy Options

Hooray for Tesla! All hail the Prius! I say that with little to no sarcasm. Those vehicles have transformed the way that Americans see electric cars. Period. And that’s wonderful. But committing to one right now is kind of like marrying the first guy you have sex with– it’s lazy and discounts the fact that there’s a big, wide world out there filled with other...

eGolf: Day Four, I Get Malled

I’m on Day Four with my new boyfriend, the all-electric Golf. Thus far, the best thing about this car is that it is distinctly Volkswagen.  What does that mean? That means that it handles like a German car, is remarkably well designed and is as practical as it is fun. Despite my tortured range anxiety, I think love him (for more reasons see yesterday’s post)...

eWeek Day Two: License To Chill

So now I’m on Day Two of eWeek.  I’ll tell you what I love about this all-electric eGolf: *it zooms around like a go-kart (very much the first gen Mini Cooper on harmless steroids) *the immediate torque is a thing of beauty (tires may be skidding) *I’ve got no ozone depleting guilt as I smoke it through the glorious canyons of LA However: *the charging...

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