x5 BMW

Freak Of The Week: Mr. Off-Road X5

There are few things that the BMW X5 is great for. These things include: Costco runs, surf trips and picking up overseas visitors from the airport. I should know, I’m currently on my third. (4.4L, 4.8L and M– don’t judge...

Test Drive Tuesday: X5 vs XC90

This week’s test drive features a friend of mine whose car needs an upgrade.  She’s the lovely and talented Stacie Burrows, who is one half of the most awesome duo Mommy Tonk.  Stacie wants an SUV with a third row that’s...

Dear BMW Design Team

Full disclosure: I’m a Beemer fan. For about a decade now, I’ve been addicted to the slow morphine drip that is the Ultimate Driving Machine.  And good for you Bavaria, you’ve made great cars with amazing performance and a new...

Dude Or Douchebag, Matte Black Edition

Full disclosure– I’m a HUGE matte black fan.  I like a mean car, a growler, a real BAD machine (“not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good”– thank you, Rev. Run).  And with matte black, a mean car just looks...

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