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6 Bumper Stickers That Prove You’re Old

Before we get started, let’s get a few things straight. First, most of these aren’t bumper stickers. Ok, so don’t go freaking out and sending me psycho emails about that. Second, ain’t no shame in aging. Some of the world’s finest bloggers are aging too. Lastly, all of this may be upsetting, so put on your big boy/girl/whatever panties because this is likely to hurt....

Best Bumper Stickers of 2016 (slideshow)

Although 2016 was an election year, plenty of wonderful things happened on with Bumper Stickers that had nothing to do with politics.  A few were even featured in my Freak of the Weeks during the past year. I’m happy to see that I see more and more Bumper Stickers these days.  Please send me  your best!    

Bumper Stickers: You Shouldn’t Have

Generally, I’m a huge fan of bumper stickers. Even if they express someone’s irrational or upsetting political views, they’re still cool with me. At least they have an opinion. Plus, learning a little more about the driver helps me to plan which way to point my vehicle in the event of a massive pile up. However, I’ve recently observed a few stickers that while perhaps...

Bumper Stickers Are Back: Mama’s Top 5

My mom used to tell me, if you wait long enough, everything comes back in style. Now this was much more of a justification of her borderline hoarder personality, but bottom line– she was right. From the divine (vinyl records, written notes, brown liquor) to the dreadful (trucker hats, shoulder pads, brown liquor) every trend seems to have its second day in the sun. For the...

Bumper Stickers: Know Thyself

I’m fascinated by the Bumper Stickers people plaster on their automobiles. Like the pot leaf? Dancing bears? Maybe those aren’t exactly the smartest choice unless you want Johnnie Law all up in your glove box. I’m just sayin.. Sometimes a bumper sticker can show incredible self-awareness: I mean, bad parking sucks, but at least this guy warned you. There should probably be about 3 million more people...

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