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Father’s Day Gift Guide: Because Brunch Is Bullsh*t

Mama’s got all kinds of cool stuff for you to give to your baby daddy.  Like flashlights, selfie sticks and obligatory sex.  No really, it’ll make perfect sense after you watch the video. Here’s where to find awesome stuff for Father’s Day: Mari Cla Ro Armor All Wipes Looq Selfie Sticks Speck Phone Covers  

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Give It To Her, Baby

Trust me, she wants it.  What’s that? I don’t know what to get!  My husband tries that same lame-o excuse on me every Mother’s Day.  Guess what? If I can squeeze little people out of my who-hah, then feed, clothe and hose them down for over a decade, I think you can belly up to the gift bar once a year.  So pay attention boys,...

Dear Santa, Who You Callin’ A Ho?

Every year, like any warm-blooded, marginally Christian grown up, I write a Dear Santa letter. And every year, it goes a little something like this: Dear Santa, I’ve been really (exaggerate, exaggerate or exaggerate) this year and I haven’t even once (lie, lie, lie). I was particularly proud when I (flat-out-lie) and when I (won-the-Nobel-Peace-prize or something equally ridiculous). So I’d really appreciate it if...

Dude, Or Douchebag: Motor 4 Toys

This morning, I woke up my kids and told them it was time for Motor 4 Toys– so we’re gonna buy a bunch of toys, give them away, and then walk a few miles so Mommy can take pictures of cars. One Lego movie, three temper tantrums and 12 donuts later, we were on our way. Motor 4 Toys is an amazing thing. Sure, it’s...

Dog Bless America: Why Dogs In Cars Rock

This Independence Day, I’m thinking about dogs.  Because the only thing that’s better than driving a great car on a beautiful road is doing so with a canine co-pilot. And there’s no better image of freedom than a dog with its head gleefully perched out of a car window, with the wind rushing through its gums– except for this dog in a Mercedes convertible rolling down Melrose: So here’s...

Father’s Day Gifts For The Motorhead Dad: Mama’s Top 10

If my own experience means anything, the average Father’s Day is a disaster.  So far, my poor husband has received a finger painted tie (the only neck attire in his wardrobe), a tie dyed t-shirt (let’s just say he’s not a Phish fan) and an ashtray (as he was trying to quit smoking).  Father’s Day is inevitably a bust.  But it doesn’t have to be, because Mama is...

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