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Chevy Equinox Test Drive: Or How To Melt A Teenager

It started, like any other experience with my teenage daughter, with an epic eye roll. “OMG, that color.” A Chevy Equinox had just been delivered to our house for a test drive and this ungrateful little brat has the gall to criticize its shade of orange (???!!!!)  I pondered how much I could get for her on Ebay, but then reconsidered, because they probably don’t...

Vanderhall Venice

How To Impress A Cute Blond: Vanderhall Venice

It’s pretty easy: just take 1 Cute Blonde and add 1 part Vanderhall Venice. Because if your date is anything like my girl Freya, she’ll be yours forever. To be honest, I’m not that into three wheelers. I’m not a fan of the Polaris Slingshot (see my Driving Line flog here) and although I always enjoyed watching Mr. Bean tip a Reliant Robin, I never...

A Few Revolting Reasons Why Rear Seat Reminder Rocks

I recently drove the 2017 GMC Acadia Denali during my trip to Heels and Wheels in Portland. For me, one of its most outstanding features was the industry first Rear Seat Reminder.  This technology helps remind the driver to look in the rear seat before exiting the vehicle. If that sounds silly to you, consider the following: If not already abundantly clear, I am not...

Grand Cherokee SRT Jeep

Is My Daughter Really SRT Worthy?

Daughters. (epic eye roll) You want them to have everything so they’re safe, happy and well cared for. Yet, you want them to have nothing so they’re grounded, confident and independent. My older daughter is getting really close to driving age and won’t shut up about how she wants a Jeep. So, like any good Motorhead Mama, I figured there was only one thing to...

Kia Niro

First Date Review: Kia Niro Hybrid @ Heels N Wheels

I’d been warned. I’d been tempted. I’d been stubborn. And apparently, I had been wrong. I’ve got a pile of friends/colleagues who are big Kia fans. I was always like yeah, yeah, sure, good for you.  I saw the numbers, I saw the reviews, I saw the Soul drivers multiply like gnats in springtime. But I’m a “performance girl” I told myself, Kia and I...


First Date: Jeep Compass

I recently went to a Jeep event to see the all new 2017 Jeep Compass. A tasty little nugget of compact SUV goodness. Here is my completely biased, ultra-opinionated first impression. These days, it seems like everyone is asking me to help them find the perfect small SUV. I hear you, people. In this world of lifted pick ups and full size SUVs, it seems crazy...

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