Test Drive Tuesday: Porsche Macan

First, let’s answer the most burning question. Yes, it does rhyme with bacon. And no it does not rhyme with pecan. Feeling better? Yeah, me too. Anyway, so Porsche recently came out with smaller SUV. It’s called the Macan. What’s...

Freak Of The Week: Mark V Mashup

I know, I know.  You’re like: “What’s a Mark V?”  “What’s a mash up?”  “What the hell goes on out there in California?” Don’t panic, you know the Lincoln Continental Mark V– because it’s that car that they always use in the...

Mad Lib Yo’ Mama

In honor of this year's Mother's Day, how about you & the old bag have a little fun for a change?  Listen, I'm sure she's gonna love whatever the kids made in school, your heartfelt note and the overpriced brunch, but before...

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