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Dad’s Top 10 Tough Love Driver’s Ed Techniques (video)

Check out Mama’s father’s failsafe way to ensure that you kids will be fantastic behind the wheel. But don’t think they’re gonna like it… Check out this contest to win a set of tires from Michelin: **This post is sponsored by SheBuysCars & Michelin Tires**

Can The LA Auto Show Help Your Kid Get Into Harvard? (video)

The LA Auto Show is known for one thing & one thing But it is so much more than that. What if I told you that it was indeed a deeply rich educational experience that may just lead to Ivy League endorsement. Well, Harvard may not be convinced, but it’s worth a go!  

SEMA Needs A Vagina: Mama’s Top 5 Reasons (video)

SEMA stands for the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association. It’s huge annual show in Vegas is known for lots of things– cool cars, badass accessories & plenty of booth babes. But Mama thinks it needs one more– a vagina. Deal with it.

Test Drive Tuesday: BMW i3

Ah, the electric car. Who doesn’t want one? No gas, instant torque and immediate access to the ranks of people who are rich enough to care about the environment. It’s a beautiful thing. But, is it fun? Is it still a BMW? I dunno, why don’t you ask Jessie: That’s right, 3 seconds into the test drive my friend is laughing hysterically and declaring that...

LA vs Mexico City: Fewer Nuts, More Coconuts

I just spent a few days in Mexico City & like everyone says, it’s great.  In fact, it’s pretty much just like LA. Let’s start with the obvious: traffic. Like LA, there is plenty of traffic in Mexico City.  And it’s bad.  The difference? In Mexico City, there are no Sig Alerts on the airwaves, no slow-poke tree huggers clogging the car pool lanes & no delusional electronic traffic signs spreading false hope.  Instead, traffic...