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Test Drivepalooza: Fast, Dirty & Topless In Malibu

Of all of the terrible, awful, very bad things I am FORCED to do as Motorhead Mama, perhaps the worst of them all is being forced to participate in the annual Droptops & Dirt in Malibu, CA.  This event, produced by the Motor Press Guild, features automakers’ latest and greatest off-road and convertible vehicles. Hosted at the Calamigos Ranch, this is a grueling day of...

Tuesday Test Drive: Lexus rx450h F-Sport

Mama drove me the new Lexus rx series in Charleston, SC. I even brought the pimp rx450 hybrid F Sport to the local, very colorful Cars & Coffee.  And I had a ball! Check it out:  

Kids & Cars: What Will Gen Z Drive?

Kids & Cars. Who cares right? Just put ’em in the back seat, plug ’em into a device and hope they shut up. But kids know a lot more about cars than we give them credit for (see my Mini Motorhead Series).  This weekend, I went to the Alt Car Expo in Santa Monica to ask kids which cars were cool, which cars weren’t and...

Freak of the Week: The Mexican Croc Hunter

One of my favorite places to look for crazy cars is Mexico.  My Latino friends (especially the men) aren’t shy about being as freaky as possible in their rides.  But sadly, this summer I’ve been chained to my desk and unable to stray south of the border. The good news is I live in LA, where Mexico comes to you. I was recently driving into...

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