Dear BMW, Zanardi Is Worth Every Penny

Do you watch motorsports? No? Endurance racing? No? Perfect. This story is especially for you. Because this is a story about a middle-aged guy who turned a catastrophe into a master class in tenacity. But before I tell you about...

x5 BMW

Freak Of The Week: Mr. Off-Road X5

There are few things that the BMW X5 is great for. These things include: Costco runs, surf trips and picking up overseas visitors from the airport. I should know, I’m currently on my third. (4.4L, 4.8L and M– don’t judge...

Dude or Dbag: The Outfits Of Radwood 2

Ain’t nothin’ like a 80s/90s themed car show to make you feel old as f*ck. This was the case this weekend in Anaheim, where I witnessed perhaps the most depressing thing ever–my glory years on display.. as history. Oh, Radwood,...

Ford Fiesta ST

Motorhead Mystery: Trading an M3 for a Fiesta ST

So my friend Jesse recently traded his BMW M3 for a Ford Fiesta ST.  This upset me, a lot. Sure, the Fiesta is supposed to be a great car..for the money. I wrote an article about it for Driving Line...

Dear Vintage BMW Lovers, Your Day Is Coming

A friend of mine told me the other day that she wanted to buy a Vintage Porsche and I nearly bit her head off, “THEY’RE TOTALLY OVERPRICED. NO! NO!” Let’s face it, holding my tongue has never been my forte....

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