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First Date: 2018 Ford Expedition, Platinum Edition

It may not be a politically correct thing to say, especially in So Cal, but I love me a big, luxurious, family car. The Ford Expedition is one of those vehicles. Not only can you go to Trader Joes, Target AND Costco, but you can put all kinds of annoying kids in the back and drive along without killing even a one. With the layout...

The Original Mustang Bullitt Meets The New One (& Molly McQueen)

Steve McQueen. The man, the legend. Men want to be him. And women want to be his..passenger, let’s just leave it at that. This year, to mark the 50th anniversary of the classic film, Ford came out with a gorgeous remake of the original ’68 Fastback Mustang Bullitt. Like the one that McQueen drove in that super sexy movie with Jacqueline Bisset, Bullitt: Nowadays, the...

Ford Fiesta ST

Motorhead Mystery: Trading an M3 for a Fiesta ST

So my friend Jesse recently traded his BMW M3 for a Ford Fiesta ST.  This upset me, a lot. Sure, the Fiesta is supposed to be a great car..for the money. I wrote an article about it for Driving Line which made me realize what a little rocket ship it really is. And the BMW is expensive to register, insure and repair.  And the M3...

5 Cars Freya Is Into & Why You Should Care

This is Freya, my 10 year old daughter: I know what you’re thinking 1) OMG, she’s adorable. Thanks, I know.. 2) This seems like nepotism. You betcha! It’s a great American past time;  I’m just being patriotic. & 3) This doesn’t seem relevant. Not what you expect from a first class automotive journalist like myself.  (insert laugh track)  But listen people, this young lady is our future....

crown vic

Freak Of The Week: Off Road Crown Vic

Although the police stopped using the Ford Crown Vic over 5 years ago, my heart still skips a beat when I see one. Case in point, this doozy I spotted yesterday in Malibu: Those lights! The roof racks! The side badge!  All perfectly legal. Yet from a mile away, between my dirty sunglasses and my screaming children, I panicked that I was in yet another speed...

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