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Gurl Whatchu Drivin’? Toyota 4Runner Limited

The 4Runner.  It’s such a classic. It’s the car that’s almost a truck that THAT guy drove. You know the one you dated and then regretted post college? The 4Runner was perfect for guys like him because he was either a) a musician, b) a stoner/surfer, c) a mountain biker or d) all of the above. But the 4Runner isn’t just for stoner ex-boyfriends anymore....

How To Nail A Dinner Party In 3 Steps: Downton Abbey Edition

To be a car chic, you don’t have to have tattoo sleeves or a do-rag. Nor do you necessarily need to be born in this century.  But you may have to dumb it all down a bit to make the boys feel important. Here’s a master class in dinner time automotive conversation courtesy of the women of Downton Abbey:    

24 Bitches + 4200 Horsepower: What Could Go Wrong?

I’m feeling kinda fancy today because I just got back from an all-female event where I got to drive 14 cars in 2 days and be in the company of some of the best auto writers in the country.  Clearly they didn’t vet me well enough before they sent the invite, but whatever, I’ll take it. It was Heels & Wheels 2015 and it was...

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Give It To Her, Baby

Trust me, she wants it.  What’s that? I don’t know what to get!  My husband tries that same lame-o excuse on me every Mother’s Day.  Guess what? If I can squeeze little people out of my who-hah, then feed, clothe and hose them down for over a decade, I think you can belly up to the gift bar once a year.  So pay attention boys,...

Hey Ladies: Car Buying Quiz

I get a lot of questions from readers about what kind of car they should buy.  Green? High Performance?  Economical? Hell, I dunno– mainly because I don't know you.  So I've created this quiz to help us figure you out: Question 1: How Does This Picture Make You Feel? A. I hate to think what it will do to my hair. B. I hate to think of...

PMS On Wheels: Good Times

It’s easy to argue that every day millions of irritable, irrational, bleeding bitches clog our roadways with their inept driving. However, pre-menstral driving is actually a very important contributor to female car culture. Here are the 5 Highlights: #1 Cars always think you’re hot. Even if you’re retaining water like the Hoover Dam or have a Rudoph-like zit on your nose, a car doesn’t mind....

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