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How To Nail A Dinner Party In 3 Steps: Downton Abbey Edition

To be a car chic, you don’t have to have tattoo sleeves or a do-rag. Nor do you necessarily need to be born in this century.  But you may have to dumb it all down a bit to make the boys feel important. Here’s a master class in dinner time automotive conversation courtesy of the women of Downton Abbey:    

Petersen Automotive Museum + Kids + Mama

I recently took 4 kids: 3 boys and one girl to the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.  We were there to answer the following burning questions: *can kids truly be entertained at a museum? *will the partnership between Pixar & the Petersen fly with the little monsters? *is the Petersen’s remodel a hit or miss with the kids? *can Mama handle an entire day...

Only In LA: The (Post Op) Petersen Museum

Mama heads over to the new & improved Petersen Automotive Museum to check it out before it opens. Is it awesome? I dunno, do you like Entourage, penthouses and scratch & sniff Daniel Craig? How about Ferraris, Bugattis or the 1933 Duesenberg that cleaned up at Pebble Beach? I thought so…watch this:  

Mama’s Top 10 From The 2015 LA Auto Show (video)

Mama tours the Los Angeles Auto Show ahead of time to weed out the crap and highlight the awesome to save you some time.  This includes a little something from Porsche, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Ford, Honda and BMW. Get downtown and check it out! (If I were smarter, I’d get the video to freeze on a pretty face.  This’ll have to do..)

Kids & Cars: What Will Gen Z Drive?

Kids & Cars. Who cares right? Just put ’em in the back seat, plug ’em into a device and hope they shut up. But kids know a lot more about cars than we give them credit for (see my Mini Motorhead Series).  This weekend, I went to the Alt Car Expo in Santa Monica to ask kids which cars were cool, which cars weren’t and...

Father’s Day Gift Guide: Because Brunch Is Bullsh*t

Mama’s got all kinds of cool stuff for you to give to your baby daddy.  Like flashlights, selfie sticks and obligatory sex.  No really, it’ll make perfect sense after you watch the video. Here’s where to find awesome stuff for Father’s Day: Mari Cla Ro Armor All Wipes Looq Selfie Sticks Speck Phone Covers