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Jeep Girls: Jordyn, The T-Hunter

This is Jordyn. Isn’t she gorgeous? She gets even more beautiful when she does this: I met Jordyn two years ago when I spotted her Jeep in a Calabasas parking lot. Despite the “Mom, please let her alone” pleas from my girls, we got to talking. I’m so glad we did. Jordyn is one of many female Jeep drivers (aka Jeep girls) that have inspired...

ICON 4x4

Mama’s Car Stories: ICON’s Jonathan Ward

Last week, I went to Icon 4×4 to drive with founder, Jonathan Ward. If you don’t know about Jonathan, you can read my Dude or Dbag on him here. Or you can look at these FJs: That’s right, he’s the guy that took your uncle’s most badass beater and made it into a super-cool modern off-road machine.  Or how about this one? Yup. If you...

I Drove The New Jeep & Decided You’ll Buy It (video)

Very rarely are does a job exist that is both incredibly awesome and incredibly terrifying at the same time. One such position is that of this guy, Mark T. Allen, Head of Jeep Design. Check out his dorky photo…yet he’s.. This is the dude that was tasked with the impossible job of remaking an icon.. the Jeep Wrangler. Oh snap.  But when the job was...

Yes, In Fact You Should Go To The LA Auto Show

I’m saying this before you even ask. Because we both know you’re going to. You do it every year. Short answer? Yes. Yes, you should go to the 2017 LA Auto Show. I know you hate driving downtown. You hate the crowds. Yes, it’s $15 per adult, just like the movies. Like the movies, the Auto Show will also charge you a ridiculous amount for...

Grand Cherokee SRT Jeep

Is My Daughter Really SRT Worthy?

Daughters. (epic eye roll) You want them to have everything so they’re safe, happy and well cared for. Yet, you want them to have nothing so they’re grounded, confident and independent. My older daughter is getting really close to driving age and won’t shut up about how she wants a Jeep. So, like any good Motorhead Mama, I figured there was only one thing to...


First Date: Jeep Compass

I recently went to a Jeep event to see the all new 2017 Jeep Compass. A tasty little nugget of compact SUV goodness. Here is my completely biased, ultra-opinionated first impression. These days, it seems like everyone is asking me to help them find the perfect small SUV. I hear you, people. In this world of lifted pick ups and full size SUVs, it seems crazy...

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